Here is what Donald Trump said yesterday, the first day of Black History Month, about Frederick Douglass:

Later in the day, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said this about Trump’s comments on Douglass:

So it looks like the POTUS is a big fan of Frederick Douglass.  If this is the case, perhaps Trump might appreciate learning more about Douglass’s views.

So I went on Twitter and started the #DouglassforTrump hashtag.  Feel free to head over there and add your favorite Douglass quote.  I know the hashtag is a bit long, but please try to tack it on to your tweet so that others can easily find your quote.

We at The Way of Improvement Leads Home are encouraged that Trump wants to give Douglass the publicity he deserves.  So let’s help his speechwriters get up to speed with some of Douglass’s actual words.

One thought on “#DouglassforTrump

  1. As Steven Thrasher noted in The Guardian, “Trump gave the most lackluster, p*ss-poor Black History Month speech I can remember since Reagan kicked off the first one.”

    Here’s a transcript:

    Thrasher went on to say that, “Just like he did in front of the CIA’s memorial wall, Trump centered the message on himself, speaking about black history ostensibly to black people more lazily than when he talked about “Two Corinthians” to Christians. This is no surprise from someone who doesn’t like to read, is not fond of history showing he was sued for housing discrimination, and won’t apologize for calling for the execution of the Central Park 5 years after they were exonerated.”


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