Donald Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast

Watch it here:

At the 11:25 mark he thanks Senate Chaplain Barry Black and says “I am appointing you for another year, what the hell.”

12:32: Trump starts talking about how bad “The Apprentice” is now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is hosting.  He asks to pray for Arnold and the show’s ratings.

14:21:  He he thanks the American people for their “words of worship” for him.

16:00:  Asks for prayer for the military.  Good.  Although as he keeps going he seems to connect religion with American ideals.  Of course the Founding Fathers did this all the time.

17:17: “American is a nation of believers.  In towns all across our land it’s plain to see what we easily forget…the quality of our lives is not defined by our material success, but by our spiritual success.”  Amen.  I just wonder if Trump really believes what he is saying here.

19:45:  Trump quotes Jefferson on religious liberty and then rips into the Johnson Amendment.

20:41: Trump says religious liberty is under threat in the world and the nation.  “The world is in trouble and we are going to straighten it out.”  Interesting statement in light of his recent Muslim ban.

22:00: Trump couches his fight against terrorism in the language of religious freedom.

24:00: Trump now lays out his plan for immigration restriction and couches it in religious liberty.

28:00:  Trump praising the decision to add “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance.