President of Northwestern University Defends the Study of History


Here is a taste of an article from the Northwestern University student newspaper on a recent talk by the university president Morton Schapiro:

Schapiro emphasized the value of comprehensive education and critiqued the recent trend of students shying away from the humanities in favor of a more pre-professional education. He said college graduates with liberal arts degrees are often more equipped to handle the fluid demands of their post-graduation jobs.

“The two most important fields are — and I say this as somebody who does math and econ — history and philosophy,” Schapiro said. “I would argue that the two most important fields for your own joy in life are art history and music.”

Schapiro also questioned the notion that only technical degrees lead to high-paying jobs. A classics major may make less money than an accounting major directly after graduation, he said, but down the road that same classics major’s salary will be higher than that of the accounting major.

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