In Search of the Trump Evangelicals


Some of you saw this post from a couple of days ago.  I revised it a bit and just published it at Religion News Service.  Here is a taste:

(RNS) The Trump administration is off to a very bad start.  It seems as if he and his staff cannot tell the truth.

Last Saturday (Jan. 21), President Trump told his press secretary, Sean Spicer, to lie about the crowd size at his inauguration.

On Sunday, Kellyanne Conway, a Trump senior adviser, said Spicer was not lying, he was just offering “alternative facts.”

Trump is still claiming millions of votes were cast illegally in the November 2016 election.

Trump’s claims about the size of the crowds at his inauguration and widespread voter fraud are simply not true. Either he is woefully misinformed, has allowed his narcissistic personality to get in the way of the facts or is deliberately trying to deceive the American people. All three are probably true.

Christians believe that lying is a sinful practice.

The last time I checked, Christians stood for things that are true. With this in mind, why don’t I hear a massive chorus of evangelical Christians – especially the 81 percent of Christians who voted for Trump – calling the POTUS to task?

Where are the marches? Where are the appearances on cable news? Where are the blog posts and tweets? Where is the outrage from evangelical pulpits, especially among preachers who are intent upon using their influence to build a Christian culture?

Where is the voice of Robert Jeffress today? The Dallas megachurch pastor was one of the earliest evangelical leaders to support Trump. At the pre-inaugural prayer service, Jeffress used the Old Testament book of Nehemiah to praise Trump for his plan to build a wall to keep out immigrants and protect our borders against enemies. Jeffress believes that Trump was called by God to be our president.

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