Bringing the “Hamilton” Soundtrack to the History Syllabus


Framingham State University historian Joesph Adelman has matched every single class period in his “Early American Republic” course with a lyric from the Broadway smash “Hamilton.”

For example, on Friday January 27 the topic of discussion is “Local and National Politics.” Students will read Alexander Hamilton’s “Report on Public Credit” and a chapter in Brian Murphy’s Building the Empire State: Political Economy in the Early Republic.  The “Hamilton” lyric for the day is “If we’re aggressive and competitive.”

On Friday April 7 the topic of discussion is “Religion in America.”  Students will be reading a sermon by Charles Finney and an essay on missionaries by Emily Conroy-Krutz. The “Hamilton” lyric for the day is “I take my children to church on Sunday.”

Wow!  Can I take this class, Joe?