2 thoughts on “Historians and Trump: Thoughts From a Middle School Teacher

  1. Seems pretty clear that Mr. Cote is talking about the highly-publicized disparaging, bigoted and offensive remarks about Hispanics, African-Americans, women, foreigners, etc. He is teaching critical thinking skills via history which equips his students to respond to such partisan political propaganda in a rational manner. Sounds like he is doing exactly what historians teaching children should be doing to help them become “informed citizens” who will be able to function in our political culture.


  2. I see it as a duty to give my students the tools and resources to overcome the odds and move toward success. As a result, if I see a prominent public person who directly speaks against their heritage and culture, I believe it is my duty to not only stand with them, but give them the analytical tools to disprove the misconceptions that this person, who probably has more resources, is disseminating to the public.

    This seems to have something and some people quite specifically in mind. I would have liked them named rather than intimated–or guessed at on the reader’s part. Which students? What heritage? Which misconceptions?

    Some readers might even think this was written in some sort of code…


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