4 thoughts on “Don’t “believe everything his enemies speak about him.”

  1. Hitler was one more mad dictator, that simply proves power corrupts– didn’t we know that already from countless other examples?
    Otherwise, we’re being told that Hitler was just an exception to that rule, and that otherwise it’s safe to run an all-powerful oligarchy.
    Enough with claiming Hitler was the alpha and omega of evil, that implies that those hundreds of millions of lives taken by OTHER dictators are worth less than the millions taken by one.
    Clearly, this serves a political agenda of those who opposed Hitler, to claim he was worse than those who COMMITTED worse like Stalin and Mao– i.e. the SOCIALIST agenda.
    No conspiracy-theory here; i.e. common agendas can be completely independent of each other; after all, both Stalin and Hitler wanted to conquer the world, but they obviously weren’t conspiring to do it.
    Our fighting Hitler just gave Stalin the NUKES top do it, so obviously our side wants to make Hitler look WORSE than Stalin to cover up their SCREW-up.
    Yeah thanks a lot FDR, facing Stalin’s nukes is a LOT better than facing Russian tanks would have been!
    Billy Joel was right: honesty is such a lonely word… especially in politics.


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