Evangelical Tony Perkins Is Upset About Trump’s Pick for Secretary of State

perkinsTony Perkins of the Family Research Council is not happy with Donald Trump’s selection of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.  It has nothing to do with the fact that Tillerson has connections to Vladimir Putin.  Neither does Perkins seem to be bothered that Tillerson’s company, ExxonMobil, has a horrible track record when it comes to the environment (or God’s creation, to use evangelical parlance Perkins is familiar with).

What does bother Perkins about the Tillerson appointment is the fact that he headed the Boys Scouts of America from 2010-2012 and helped convince the organization to admit gay boys.  Perkins is also bothered by the fact ExxonMobil gives money to Planned Parenthood.

I am not disparaging Perkins’s moral convictions on these things, but let me get this straight.  Perkins is OK with a POTUS-elect who cannot seem to tell the truth, who brags about his affairs with women, who wants to undermine religious liberty (which evangelicals are fighting for as well) for Muslims, etc., etc.  But he is upset because Trump’s pick for Secretary of State supported gay Boy Scouts and is part of a company that gives money to Planned Parenthood.

Where was this moral outrage during the election Tony?

Source: David Gibson’s piece at The Washington Post website.

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