Setting the Record Straight on Trump’s Victory

On Sunday, Fox News aired Chris Wallace’s interview with Donald Trump.  Watch it here:

There is a lot we could say about this video, but I will just focus on some of the claims he makes about his victory on November 8, 2016.

Trump said:

[We had a] “massive landslide in the electoral college.”

[My win was one of the] “greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country.”

“We had one of the greatest victories of all time.”

Did Trump have a “massive landslide in the electoral college?”  Not really.  Actually, Trump’s electoral college victory (306-232 at the moment) ranks 46 out of 58 in terms of victory margin.

Was Trump’s win one of the “greatest” of all time?  Not really.  Only five American presidents won the electoral college but lost the popular vote.  This means that more Americans who voted in the November 2016 election chose another candidate over Donald Trump.

Please don’t misunderstand me here.  I am not trying to argue that Trump does not deserve to be POTUS.  If the Electoral College chooses him on December 19 he will be president. That is how the Constitution works.

What I am arguing is that Trump’s victory, if history is our guide, was not a “landslide” or a “great” victory.  If Trump believes that he won in a landslide he is deceiving himself. If this is his mindset as he starts to govern it will be virtually impossible for him to bring the nation together as he has proposed.  There are too many people out there who don’t like the guy or his policies.  And frankly, his “thank-you tour,” which seems like little more than an effort to pour salt in the wounds of his political opponents–is not helping.

One thought on “Setting the Record Straight on Trump’s Victory

  1. Factoids. Dicta.

    IMO, it’s all Trump’s pushback [he always pushes back] on the left’s attack on his legitimacy which continues to this very moment. As Dick Morris called it back in the Clinton days, the “permanent campaign.” Bill did it, Obama did it, and each will have had left office with their approval ratings in the black.

    By contrast, Dubya didn’t and he left office deeply in the red. If you don’t act like you’re winning, most of the public will believe you’re not. Trump’s approval numbers have been rising after starting at a historic post-election low, and I certainly think he would not have won the presidency had he not seemed so convinced he would win despite his political obituary already having been printed by 98% of the experts.

    As for Trump’s [lack of?] mandate, I’d say he has enough of one as long as he’s in harmony with his party–which he is so far. FTR [and pardon my Wiki], in the House elections, the GOP got 3 million more votes, fairly obviating the Democrat claim to the plurality of the presidential popular vote. All that remains for Trump to do is continue to play “strong horse,” and if that takes a bit of hyperbole like “landslide,” well, call me pisher.


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