Make Liberty University Football (and all other sports) Great Again in the #ageoftrump


Decency, morality, truth, and ethics no longer matter in what I have been describing on Twitter as the #ageoftrump.  Perhaps the most conspicuous representatives of this new political and cultural era are American evangelicals.

It has now been well documented that many white evangelical Christians supported Donald Trump despite the deficiencies in his moral character.  (And this has nothing to do with the fact that he is unqualified to hold this office).  Christian political witness has now come down to whether or not a candidate will promise to support a certain kind of Supreme Court justice or whether or not a candidate is Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

#theageoftrump also seems to be having an effect on Christian institutions of higher learning who want to have nationally-ranked sports programs.

As you may have seen in the news, Liberty University just hired former Baylor athletic director Ian McCaw. I don’t know much about McCaw’s politics or Christian commitments. I assume that he is conservative and he is an evangelical.

I do know that he strengthened Baylor’s athletic program during his tenure in Waco. I also know that he knew about a gang-rape by Baylor football players and did not report it to school officials.  (We in central Pennsylvania know a thing or two about football coaches sitting on this kind of information).

It does not surprise me in the #ageoftrump that Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University and a strong Trump supporter who dismissed the POTUS-elect’s moral indiscretions, would hire McCaw as the university’s athletic director.  I am sure Falwell Jr. was grinning ear-to-ear when McCaw  announced that:

My vision for Liberty is to position it as a pre-eminent Christian athletic program in America and garner the same type of appeal among the Christian community as Notre Dame achieves among the Catholic community and BYU garners from the Mormons.

In fact, Falwell was so excited about McCaw that he turned to twitter:

Character and ethics no longer matter in the #ageoftrump.  What matters is making things great again.

5 thoughts on “Make Liberty University Football (and all other sports) Great Again in the #ageoftrump

  1. Nice sentiment, but evangelicals have never cared about ethics. They have in the past better cloaked cultural prejudice as spiritual quests (for example, Jim Crow was based on biblical principals, etc.).

    Trump’s despicable personal behavior makes it less easy to paper over bigotry and anti-intellectualism as biblical, but then again logical consistency has never been their forte. In the end, controlling and demonizing the “other,” whether they be minorities, gays, communists, immigrants, whatever, is more important than anything else.


  2. Big time college sports is worth a lot of money. Here’s a list of the 10 most profitable football programs in 2015.

    1. Texas $92 million
    2. Tennessee $70 million
    3. LSU $58 million
    4. Michigan $56 million
    5. Notre Dame $54 million
    6. Georgia $50 million
    6. Ohio State $50 million
    8. Oklahoma $48 million
    9. Auburn $47 million
    10. Alabama $46 million

    Even Rutgers, not much of a football threat, earned $8 million in its first year as part of the Big 10 Conference. That sort of cash can pay for lots of other things so its not surprising that any university might consider putting together a successful sports program.


  3. “The Trump era has effectively turned white-evangelical political ethics on its head. Rather than standing on principle and letting the chips fall where they may, white evangelicals have now fully embraced a consequentialist ethics that works backward from predetermined political ends, refashioning or even discarding principles as needed to achieve a desired outcome.” “Donald Trump and the Transformation of White Evangelicals,” by Robert P. Jones at

    The about-face on issues of morality and ethics by this group of evangelicals doesn’t come as a surprise after the past 20 years of hyper-partisanship and the changing demographics of our society. It’s clear that now the ends justifies the means for Fallwell Jr. and other evangelicals who have embraced this new world(view) order.


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