What Encourages Me About This Election

Boyer Hall

Over at Religion News Service I offer some (just some–stay tuned to the blog) of my post-election thoughts.

Here is a taste:

(RNS) As someone who once called himself an evangelical and who has spent the better part of his career studying the history of evangelicalism, I am sure I will have much to say in the coming days.

As a historian, I imagine that at some point, once there is time to gain some perspective, I will write about what the results of this presidential election mean for American democracy, our two-party political system, our failure to meet the demands of an educated citizenry and the future of American evangelicalism.

I am upset by the results of the election and I am particularly saddened that 81 percent of white American evangelicals got into bed with a monster on Tuesday (Nov. 8). But I am also encouraged and have not lost hope.

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