New Insight on the Falwell Jr. Censorship Case


We reported on this yesterday.  It seems as if the story is more complicated than the original piece in the Daily Beast. 

Here is a taste of a helpful piece by Ariana Rowlands at Refined Right:

According to an Oct. 18 piece published by The Daily Beast, Liberty University censored an article critical of Donald Trump from its weekly student newspaper. The author of the piece in question, Joel Schmieg, was allegedly told that his piece had been censored by university president Jerry Falwell Jr. for its political bias against Trump. Due to the presence of two articles about Trump, Schmeig’s piece was cut from publication in the Oct. 18 issue of Liberty Champion.

In the article, Schmieg recounts having been read the contents of an email from Falwell: “the gist was that there were two articles this week about Trump.”

While Falwell did make the decision to cut Schmieg’s piece, he actually initially chose to run the piece, later telling Refined Right he chose to run a piece that was “not [by] a staff member, but rather an independent reader.”

“The paper already had a letter that was very similar in content supporting Hillary Clinton and condemning Trump for the 2005 video,” Falwell told Refined Right. “The two letters were redundant and space was limited so an editorial decision was made to go with the other letter written by a medical student [who was not on staff.]”

While Schmieg does have a weekly sports column in the paper, his article critical of Trump was submitted in lieu of his regular column, as an opinion piece.

“Please include the names and we only need one column about Trump’s videotape.” Falwell’s first email read. “Get rid of the last one by the medical student and replace with a column from an undergrad on some other topic (if you have any).”

Falwell followed up a few minutes later: “On second thought, keep the column by the medical student and get rid of the one by the male athlete about the videotape.”

Read the entire piece, including the e-mails in question, here.