Trump Evangelicals May Have Forfeited Their Right to Speak to the Moral Coarseness of American Culture

Trump Jeffress

Over the last week I have been watching and reading people like James Dobson, Ben Carson, Jerry Falwell Jr., Robert Jeffress, and Eric Metaxas making “Christian” arguments on behalf of Donald Trump.  As more and more woman come out claiming that Trump abused them, it seems like these Christian leaders are doubling-down in support of this man.  “What he did is horrible, but…”

I understand their arguments. It all comes down to the appointment of Supreme Court justices.  In order to get the justices that they want these evangelicals are willing to back a candidate who, if we believe the women who have spoken-up in the last week, has committed multiple felonies.

Falwell Jr. continues to peddle the idea that Trump is a very different man today because he had a born-again experience.  Readers of The Way of Improvement Leads Home may remember that I called this practice–the appeal to an evangelical conversion experience to excuse Trump’s past indiscretions–the “theopolitical equivalent of money-laundering.”

I also wonder if those evangelicals who have endorsed Trump have forfeited the right to speak to the moral coarseness of American culture.  Let’s remember that these evangelicals are supporting a man who, if he gets to the oval office, is one of the leading representatives of the shock-jock (Howard Stern), Hollywood, reality-TV, sex-infused culture that Christians have been fighting against for a long, long time.

For example, here is Metaxas on the importance of cultural narratives and how movies and other forms of popular culture tell stories to unsuspecting young people that prompt them to “soak” in nihilism and sex.  If I had the time I am sure I could probably find similar statements from Dobson, Jeffress, Falwell Jr. and the other Trump evangelicals.

The next time these men, and others like them, try to write a book or give a public address or write a blog post or babble on radio show about the moral degradation of American culture I think it is fair to remind them that they supported a candidate for President of the United States who would contribute to this culture.

A republic–if you can keep it.”

4 thoughts on “Trump Evangelicals May Have Forfeited Their Right to Speak to the Moral Coarseness of American Culture

  1. “We can’t afford to worry about quaint notions of morality and culture! What do you think we are, conservatives?”


  2. “Clearly, the nominating President’s party is no sure indication of how the justice will vote.”

    But the law often is a sure indication of how the justice will vote. In the case of Gay Marriage, which by the way it is critical to understand refers only to secular marriage as defined by the state, the language of the 14th Amendment is crystal clear. As long as there are benefits conferred by the state upon married couples then I don’t see how equality under the law doesn’t extend the right to marry to gay couples as well.


  3. Forgiveness doesn’t negate consequences. Trumpvangelicals have been huge on forgiveness (at least, for their candidate), but have forgotten that actions – even actions forgiven – come with consequences. Trump may have found Christ. Trump may have sincerely apologized. Assuming both these assumptions are true (I personally do not think so; thankfully, I am not God), Trump is still responsible for what he has said and/or done (as is former Secretary Clinton).

    In addition, I find the SCOTUS rational illogical. If my research is correct, a majority of our current “liberal” court justices were appointed by Republican presidents. Clearly, the nominating President’s party is no sure indication of how the justice will vote.

    And, before someone accuses me of supporting Hillary or contributing to the downfall of America, I’m not voting for her, either, and if one is trusting in a President to solve our national problems their trust is in the wrong place.


  4. “Moral coarseness” rather pales in an age of losing your business for declining to recognize same-sex marriage, “transgenderism” as a legitimate biological fact, and a woman’s “right” to abortion on demand.

    “Moral coarseness” is rather a quaint anachronism of decades ago, like kissing on the first date. Just ask Tipper Gore, who was laughed out of the circle of the elite for bringing it up.


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