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Dr. Joel Hunter is a founding member  of “Public Faith.”

Some conservative evangelical Christians have come together to form a group called “Public Faith” for the purpose of offering a vision of the common good that is fundamentally different from that put forth by evangelicals who support Donald Trump.  The evangelicals behind Public Faith are committed to “principled pluralism,” religious freedom, care for the poor, care for the environment, strengthening families, and reducing abortion.

The founding members of the group are Alan Noble, Michael Wear, Vince Bacote, Justin Giboney, Joel Hunter, Gabriel Salguero, Skye Jethani, Art Hooker, Erik Lokkesmoe, Jemar Tisby, Autumn Hannah Vandehei, Tish Harrison, Warren, and Janet Vetal Kelly.

Here is how they describe themselves:

PUBLIC FAITH is a group of Christians who share a commitment to orthodox Christian faith and a belief in working toward the common good through politics towards a just and flourishing society.

The purpose of Public Faith is to unify believers around our political vision, provide a public voice to advocate for this vision in the media and public square, and to promote healthy political action.

Through this platform, Public Faith issues statements, responds to media inquiries, explores policies, and discusses issues that are of concern to Christians who do not feel their voice is currently heard in this election or in our politics generally. We do not presume our perspective is the only valid Christian perspective, nor that it is only that perspective that has value in our society, but we are unashamedly motivated by our faith to seek the good of our neighbor in politics and in all things. We are committed to engage in our politics and our own parties, encouraging what is good and rejecting what is bad. While we are grateful for the work many Christian political institutions have done, we believe that a traditional “culture war” strategy often leads to bad policies, damaged witnesses, and compromised beliefs. Instead, we seek to support a just and flourishing society using the wisdom of biblical truths, Christian tradition, natural law, and the best of political thought. In this way, we represent a Christian voice for the common good.

The future of Public Faith depends upon the support we receive from fellow believers, churches, organizations, foundations, and donors. While our immediate purpose is to provide a platform for evangelicals to publicly voice their political views, we are interested in developing into a robust institution that produces political commentary, panels, and conventions.

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  1. At least the religious right are honest about their politics. This veneer of nonpartisanship is unconvincing to those outside the bubble. Except for some unthreatening lip service on abortion [“reducing” the number], it’s indistinguishable from “moralistic therapeutic deism” and Democratic Party politics.,8599,1857140,00.html


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