Wehner: Jerry Falwell Jr. Damages Public Christian Witness

U.S. Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump shakes hands with Jerry Falwell Jr. during a campaign event in Sioux City Iowa

Over at The National Review Peter Wehner, a conservative Christian intellectual and senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center,  makes a case I made last week here at The Way of Improvement Leads Home.  Jerry Falwell Jr.’s support of Donald Trump is hurting the witness of evangelical Christianity in America.  Wehner closes his piece with this line: “Those who care for Jerry Falwell Jr. and for the institution he represents should intercede on his behalf.  His embarrassing and unfortunate act needs to end.”

He also writes this:

Falwell has fallen under the dark spell of Donald Trump. That is not a crime, but it is having a corrosive effect on his intellectual and moral judgment. He is saying witless and defamatory things. For those of us of the Christian faith, the fact that Falwell is viewed by many as an Evangelical leader makes it that much worse. We have been pained by the harm that a previous generation did to Christian public witness because of partisan, reckless, and graceless comments. Now we have this.

When a leader of a major Christian institution speaks out on public affairs as Falwell has, he is speaking not just for himself. He is making a broader statement about faith and politics – and, in this case, is shaping how people view Christians and Christianity.

One might hope that when people who are so publicly identified as Christians enter the public square, they would bring to it certain distinctives, including a commitment to justice, to treating people, including and especially the weak and vulnerable, with dignity and respect, speaking truth to the powerful instead of acting as courtiers to them, neither slandering opponents nor placing trust in princes, and not allowing the Christian faith to be used as a blunt, political weapon.

Read the entire piece here.