Colonial History in DNC-Infested Philadelphia

Yesterday I spent the day in Philadelphia with thirty-six history teachers from around the country.  These teachers were chosen by the Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History to join me and Nate McAlister, the 2010 National History Teacher of the Year, to participate in a six day summer seminar at Princeton University.  This is the third year we have conducted this seminar.  We call it The Princeton Seminar.  You can see what we are up to by following us @princetonsemnr

This year our day-trip to Philadelphia coincided with the Democratic National Convention. We took a lot of pictures.  Here are some of them:

July 27 037

While waiting for our bus I read the teachers some interesting material on George Whitefield from an article by historian Jessica Parr


July 27 038

We sat in DNC-related traffic on Route 95 and got into the city late.  As you can tell, I was not happy about it.

July 27 040

We made it to Philadelphia. Our tour guide John Ingram was ready to go!


This pic was taken about two minutes after I tried, unsuccessfully, to chase down former Vermont Governor Howard Dean to thank him for his very funny ending to his DNC speech on Tuesday night

July 27 046

I met a very enthusiastic DNC delegate from Texas  Could not resist the pic


Our teachers loved touring Independence Hall

July 27 041

Not everyone was happy that the DNC was in Philadelphia.  This flag flew in Elfreth’s Alley

July 27 055

Standing on Market Street.  Notice what is behind me


July 27 057

Standing on Market Street.  Independence Hall was behind me (see pic above).  THIS is what was in front of me. (I will let you draw conclusions)

July 27 060

End of the day: Some very tired history teachers

July 27 062

Our fearless leader, Nate McAlister, makes sure all the teachers made it back to our rendezvous point