On the Potential of a Sanders-Trump Debate

Trump SandersOf course I would love to see this.  As of this morning, I was thinking the conversation about a Trump-Sanders debate was little more than a publicity stunt and had no real chance of happening.  I still think that this is probably the case.

But today on CNN, Jeff Weaver, Sanders’s campaign manager, told Wolf Blitzer that the campaigns have been in contact about a potential debate.  Weaver also said that he has heard from every major television network about hosting it. If Trump and Sanders had a debate it would no doubt draw tens of millions of viewers.

Will the debate happen?  I think there might be a chance.  Let’s remember who we are dealing with here.  Trump is a narcissist.  Though there may be no political upside for him in debating Sanders, I am not sure if Trump can resist being on television in front of so many people.

Everybody, even Donald Trump, has a weakness.  Trump’s weakness, as I hope to explore more fully in a future post, is that he is prone to making statements based upon his narcissistic passions. If Trump hesitates to debate, the Sanders campaign will go after him.  They will make it look like he has something to hide.  They will continue to question his character. They will say that he is not a strongman, but instead hides behind his bluster.  In the process, they will hope that Trump will counter-punch and perhaps even agree to the debate to defend his honor.

It just might work.  At the very least, thanks for indulging me on this one.

UPDATE (2:31 EDT): Trump is holding a press right now and has said that he would love to debate Sanders in a big arena somewhere on national television.