What If Cruz Makes a Third-Party Run?


Noah Millman of The Week is asking this question.  Here is a taste:

Moreover, if you were still trying to woo enough delegates to win outright, why would you announce your VP choice now? At the convention, that very choice could be the prize that nets you precious delegates from the Marco Rubio or Kasich corner, as well as their admirers among the uncommitted.

So what are you up to?

Well, if Trump is really unacceptable to true conservatives, then presumably true conservatives shouldn’t vote for him, even at the risk of electing Hillary Clinton. And if Trump is really an unprecedentedly dangerous person to elect president — because of his temperament, his blithe ignorance, or his manifest insincerity — then nobody should vote for him, regardless of their ideology.

And if either or both of those things are true, then neither should you. Or your supporters.

The Cruz campaign set out to redeem the Republican Party from its pusillanimous pessimists and appeasers, the very people who are now prepared to pussyfoot with Trump in the hopes of achieving some semblance of party unity. But what if they can’t achieve unity that way at all — because if they try, you’ll free Cruz-Fiorina 2016 from the party?

Read his entire article here.

Some of you may have seen the comments Cruz levied against Trump earlier today. It is clear that he hates Trump.  He called him “amoral,” a “narcissist,” a “pathological liar.” And that was the mild stuff.  Cruz will also not say he will support Trump if he is the GOP nominee.

Is it possible that Cruz sees Trump as a greater evil than Hillary Clinton?  If he does, is it out of the question that he and Fiorina will make a third-party run that would ultimately hand Hillary the presidency?

If Cruz’s loses tonight in Indiana I am not sure he will exit quietly.