Bookstore Saturday: The York Emporium

I spent last Saturday in York, Pennsylvania where my daughter was playing in a volleyball tournament.  After her morning pool we had a four hour break so we went out for some lunch and hit a few area bookstores.

Our first stop was The York Emporium, a 19,000 square foot space with an eclectic mix of books  (over 250,000), Americana, nostalgia, and collectibles.  Here is a good article on the store.  While we were browsing, owner Jim Lewin walked up to Ally and asked her if “she was having a good time.”  How often does that happen in a bookstore?

Here are some pics:


I bought some books.


Ally was not thrilled with this travel book.  Blurry picture, but you get the idea


As I mentioned earlier, I bought some books


Plaque at the counter.  I said this place was interesting


Ally was obsessed with the old-school candy machine.


After finding a first edition Agatha Christie mystery, Ally rewards herself with some Sour Patch Kids

Stay tuned for our post on the next bookstore we visited.