Bookstore Saturday: Hearts and Minds

byron in store from ydr

Byron Borger of Hearts and Minds Bookstore with his books!

I have lived in south-central Pennsylvania for fifteen years and I am embarrassed to say that, until last Saturday, I have never visited Hearts and Minds Bookstore in Dallastown. I know that some of the readers of The Way of Improvement Leads Home are very familiar with Hearts and Minds.  It is an independent Christian bookstore run by Byron and Beth Borger.

Hearts and Minds is not your run-of-the-mill Christian bookstore.  The Borgers carry books that you would not find at your local evangelical store.  Here is what I bought on Saturday:


Hearts and Minds has a serious theology and history section. The Borgers carry a lot of university press stuff as well as popular trade books.  They also have sections on race, politics, Wendell Berry, and creation care.  For example, I challenge you to find a Christian bookstore that carries a book by Michael Eric Dyson.  I did not have a lot of time to browse (we spent too much time at the York Emporium), but I will be back very soon.

Perhaps the best part of Hearts and Minds is the staff.  When Ally and I arrived the staff was waiting for a group of college students to arrive.  Byron was going to lead them in a conversation about the Christian intellectual life.  Byron loves books and loves ideas. When you go to Hearts and Minds be prepared to not only shop for books, but to have a conversation about books.  (Byron will pull a book off the shelf and get the conversation going!)

Our visit was a rewarding one on several levels.  While Byron and I talked about authors and their books, Beth and Ally chatted about Ally’s recent decision to attend Calvin College in the Fall.  (The Borgers’ daughter attended Calvin and they were filled with useful insights about the college, Grand Rapids, and travel tips).  And to top it all off, I also met a 2000 Messiah College history graduate who is working in the store!

I found these titles on the shelf:


If you are passing through the York, Pennsylvania (Dallastown) area, stop by Hearts and Minds.  If you are not passing through the area, buy your books from the Borgers here.