David Barton Doubles Down on 7 Mountain Dominionism

David Barton runs a very wealthy Ted Cruz super-PAC.  I wrote about the connection between Barton and Cruz here and here.  Barton compares God’s laws (613 in total, he says) for the Old Testament nation of Israel with the government of the United States.

At about 38:30, Mark Cowart, a pastor of the “Church for All Nations” in Colorado Springs, starts talking about the “Seven Mountains of Influence.” Both Cowart and Barton argue that evangelicals have failed to engage the “mountain” of government.  Really?  What has been happening since the rise of the Christian Right in the late 1970s?

Cowart also argues that the American founding fathers belong in Hebrews 11 right alongside Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Rahab, etc…

Cowart, who is the new director of Barton’s school of government at Charis Bible College, also relies on Peter Marshall and David Manuel’s The Light and the Glory and the story of the Black Robe Regiment.  For an alternative Christian take on The Light and the Glory click here.  For our posts on some of the problems with the Black Robe Regiment click here.

By the way, the idea that pastors should be involved in government is something that many of the state governments thought was a bad idea.

One thought on “David Barton Doubles Down on 7 Mountain Dominionism

  1. Lyman Abbott’s “Outlook” periodical compared Allied soldiers in World War I to the heroes of Hebrews 11. Much of my research demonstrates how Abbott and his class of mainline Protestants invested the US with sacred authority. I imagine the pastor quoted here would not appreciate the comparison since Abbott and his journal were very theologically liberal. Nevertheless, despite their theological differences, I think there are substantial commonalities between turn of the century liberal Protestants and the Christian Right of more recent vintage when it comes to their views of the character of the American nation state.


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