Not Everyone is Happy With My Ted Cruz Piece

Cruz 2Stan Guthrie is an editor at large for Christianity Today magazine.  I have enjoyed his work at the magazine and always listen to his podcast with John Wilson of Books and Culture.  (Although I don’t think they have released one in a while).

Guthrie is not very happy with my commentary on Ted Cruz that appeared yesterday at Christianity Today.  Here is what he wrote at his blog:

On the one hand, this is clearly labeled an opinion piece and is within the bounds of evangelical discussion (though the author’s past advocacy for Obama and affiliation with the liberal Sojourners should have been noted). On the other, my friends at CT could have gotten readers a lot closer to what Cruz actually believes by taking the time to interview him rather than present those beliefs through John Fea’s filter. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for similar opinion pieces on the other candidates. It would be interesting to see who CT is supporting this election cycle. Apparently a pro-life, constitutional conservative who is a Christian didn’t make the cut.

I realize that not all evangelical Christians are going to like my piece.  I expected criticism and I am getting it. I am, however, glad that Guthrie thinks the issues I raised in the piece are “within the bounds of evangelical discussion.”

I should clarify something.  I am not affiliated in any formal way with Sojourners.  I published a piece at its website once.  (Guthrie links to it).  And I wrote something a few years ago in the magazine about American history and the Texas Board of Education.  By Guthrie’s definition of affiliation I am also “affiliated” with Fox News and the New Boston Post.  Perhaps Guthrie might also be interested in this recent piece at Aeon.

I am also not sure if Guthrie knows the entire context of Glenn Beck and The Blaze’s attack on the Obama piece he references.  I wrote about it here.

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