My Work With the History Relevance Campaign

HRCI am very pleased to announce that I have joined the Steering Committee of the History Relevance Campaign (HRC).  (See our previous post on HRC here).

I am hoping to contribute to the HRC in a variety of ways, but most of my work with the campaign will center on working with the academic community.  Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, head over the HRC website and learn more.

One thought on “My Work With the History Relevance Campaign

  1. I wish I knew what History Relevance means. Science is supposed to be free of the fact/value distinction, but here it is:

    IDENTITY » History nurtures personal identity in an intercultural world.!value-statement/ca2m

    Oh, really? This is more social than science.

    Then we get this, which is making a splash in the internet at the moment, again the substitution of values for facts. Hey hey ho ho Western Civ has got to go!

    But the genre of triumphalist Western history, beginning with Homer and Athens and culminating in liberal democracy and free enterprise, of the kind represented a generation or two ago by popularizers like Will and Ariel Durant and Daniel Boorstin, was always crude presentist propaganda. We do not need a Western Civ 2.0 in which the ancient Greeks and Romans and Hebrews and medieval Christendom are part of a grand historical narrative that concludes with the triumphant technolibertarianism of Silicon Valley.

    But that’s what happened.


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