Alexander Hamilton Tourism

Hamilton stoneI still have not seen “Hamilton,” the musical that has everyone talking about America’s first Secretary of the Treasury.  (Anyone have a tip for how to land tickets?).

The New York Times reports that Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s smash Broadway hit is doing wonders for Hamilton-related tourism.  One guy who saw the musical even traveled to Nevis, the West Indian island where Hamilton was raised.

New York’s Trinity Church cemetery, where Hamilton is buried, has been getting a lot of visitors of late.

Here is a taste:

The tranquil graveyard at Trinity Church is tucked into an otherwise bustling commercial corner of Lower Manhattan. Inside its gates, weatherworn headstones — some dating from the 1680s — stand in the shadows of skyscrapers.

Alexander Hamilton, a founding father and the first secretary of the Treasury, has long been one of the cemetery’s most famous residents. But in the 212 years since a duel with Vice President Aaron Burr claimed his life, he may never have had the volume of visitors he’s had in the last six months.

“Hamilton is having a moment,” said Anne Petrimoulx, the archivist of Trinity Church. While giving tours, she said, “I used to say, ‘You might recognize him from the ten-dollar bill.’ Now I say, ‘You might know him from the musical.’”

Since “Hamilton” opened on Broadway in August, fans have been making pilgrimages to the site. On Instagram and Twitter, they post the proof. “Yes, I am such a musical nerd I took a photo of Alexander Hamilton’s grave @ Trinity Church,” tweeted Jaclyn Mika of Toronto, a self-described “Hamilton” fangirl.

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