The David Barton Dozen

My post last week about David Barton’s claim that only a dozen colleges and universities “are right biblically,” has created some buzz.  Over at my Facebook page (you need to “friend” me to read it–feel free to do so) several folks who are knowledgeable about the world of conservative evangelicalism and Protestant fundamentalism are doing their best to distance their institutions (or institutions for which they are familiar) from Barton’s view of history.  Here is what I have been able to glean so far (you may recall my previous post on this subject):

So far it looks like we have identified six of the Barton Dozen:
Liberty University Law School
Ohio Christian University
Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Pensacola Christian College
Brewton-Parker College
Louisiana College
We need 6 more.
To be fair, it is hard to say whether all the faculty at these institutions believe that Barton’s views on American history are accurate. Just because someone received an honorary doctorate from a university or speaks at a commencement does not mean that his or her views are endorsed by everyone at that particular college.  But it does suggest that the administration is supportive.

One thought on “The David Barton Dozen

  1. The danger of a David Barton is the rewriting of history to fit a particular narrative.
    When I hear the name David Barton(sic) I think of the book 1984 where real history is erased in favor of distorting facts to make a particular way of thought correct.
    Barton is a menace to any real history, and they more he is exposed for the fraud he really is, the better history, real history will be preserved.


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