8 Questions

Nick Sarantakes, the proprietor over at In the Service of Clio, is running a series called “8 Questions.” Sarantakes asks the same 8 questions to scholars who specialize in different a sub-fields.  You can scroll through his blog to compare and contrast the answers.

What a great idea!  I could imagine that this would be very valuable for graduate students preparing for comps.  There is also some good job market advice.

The questions are:

1.  What is the greatest strength of your field?  In the history profession?
2.  What is the biggest issue facing your field?  The historical profession?
3.  What is the most interesting work being done in your field? Why?
4.  How valuable is teaching in the professional development of a career?
5.  What direction or type of publishing would you advise a new Ph.D. to conduct?
6.  What issues affect most the development of a career: family, school resources, popularity of field, reputation of alma mater, etc.?
7.  What advice would you give to an undergrad interested in working on a Ph.D in history?
8.  What advice would you give to a new Ph.D unable to find employment in a history department?

So far he has covered the following fields:

Thanks, Nick.