Who is Phil Davison?

First of all, Davison’s fiery speech at the Stark County Republican Party’s executive meeting was held at Malone University, a sister Christian school of Messiah College.

Second, PBS’s “Need to Know” has published an article about Davison based on an interview they conducted with him after the speech “went viral” on You Tube. Here is a taste of the article:

But what Davison lacks in funding, he apparently makes up for in passion. His speech to the Stark County Republican Committee Wednesday night was recorded by a local political blogger and posted online, where, unsurprisingly, it went viral. Some of the Internet’s most influential political blogs, including MSNBC’s First Read and Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire posted the video online (the original YouTube version has been disabled and re-uploaded by The Huffington Post).

In his first interview since the video went viral, Davison told Need to Know that he was baffled by all the attention. He wasn’t especially angry when he gave the speech, and nothing in particular had set him off, he said. Afterward, he received a polite reception from the audience, and when he lost the nomination, Davidson approached the winner, shook his hand and said “Good luck.”