Archiving Tweets

Yesterday the Library of Congress announced that it will be archiving every public “tweet” ever written since Twitter‘s inception in March 2006. Here is a taste of the press release:

Expect to see an emphasis on the scholarly and research implications of the acquisition. I’m no Ph.D., but it boggles my mind to think what we might be able to learn about ourselves and the world around us from this wealth of data. And I’m certain we’ll learn things that none of us now can even possibly conceive.

Just a few examples of important tweets in the past few years include the first-ever tweet from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey (, President Obama’s tweet about winning the 2008 election (, and a set of two tweets from a photojournalist who was arrested in Egypt and then freed because of a series of events set into motion by his use of Twitter ( and (

I agree: this will be a goldmine of information for those interested in social history and the history of everyday life.