A Nice Plug from the David Library of the American Revolution

Patrick Spero, the historian at the David Library of the American Revolution, mentions a nice note from one of the readers of The Way of Improvement Leads Home. Maria Fisher came to my book talk and signing at the library last summer and wrote to the DLAR with this comment:

Last summer there was a lecture at the David Library featuring John Fea and his book, “The Way of Improvement Leads Home.” It was not as well attended as some of the other lectures maybe because it was held in July. I just wanted to recommend this book for those who may have missed out. It’s about Philip Vickers Fithian’s life and rural enlightenment in Early America. One gets the sense of how radical and important the changes were in that period of history through the life and mind of an ordinary man. In addition, it’s a beautiful story. It comes at a perfect time as many Americans seem to be losing touch with what makes us uniquely American.

Thanks to Maria for the comment and to Patrick for posting it to the DLAR blog.