Stephen Colbert Presents the Christian Gospel to Anderson Cooper

Here is the entire interview:

The stuff in the tweet below begins at about the 13:00 mark.

Settling for Zachary Taylor

Last month the “Hall of Presidents,” a wax museum of American presidents in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, went out of business and auctioned-off everything in the museum.  I live about thirty miles from Gettysburg and I was tempted to drive down for the auction. I thought I might be able to land a life-size wax POTUS for my Messiah College office.  When I told my 15-year-old daughter about my plans she thought it was a little creepy.

Sadly I had a schedule conflict that day and could not go.  But I am glad that Late Night with Stephen Colbert was there:

Stephen Colbert “Salutes” Antonin Scalia

I always knew Scalia was a polarizing figure, but the hatred toward the man that I have been seeing on social media this week has been disheartening.  These comments seem to go beyond just ideological difference.

As a historian, I want my students to understand the “original intent” of the United States Constitution.  But I also want them to see that the document is a product of the late-18th century.  In other words, it is a product of a very different world than the one we live in today.  So I have always been somewhat suspect of the kind of originalist interpretations that Scalia espoused.

But I digress…

I am enjoying some of the stories of Scalia’s humanity being passed along by those who disagreed with him.  For example, check out David Axelrod’s story about a conversation with Scalia concerning current Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan.

And now Stephen Colbert has entered the mix:

Quote of the Day

“First question about Davis.  Great Confederate president, or the greatest Confederate president?”

–Stephen Colbert to James McPherson on the October 6, 2014 Colbert Report.  McPherson was on the show to discuss his recent book Embattled Rebel: Jefferson Davis as Commander in Chief

HT: The American Historian magazine, p. 9.