Farewell Megan Piette!

If you regularly visit The Way of Improvement Leads Home to watch the Virtual Office Hours or read about the latest book featured at The Author’s Corner, then you may know Megan Piette.

Megan joined the The Way of Improvement Leads Home team two years ago as our first intern. Since then she has produced four solid seasons of the Virtual Office Hours (including two blooper reels) and has facilitated dozens and dozens of author interviews with historians and writers.

Well, it is time for me, and the readers of this blog, to bid farewell to Megan.  She is graduating on Saturday with a double major in History and Business and then hopes to pursue a career in event planning.  She will be getting married soon and hopes to move to North Carolina wiher fiance as he pursues a career in the auto racing world.

I will definitely miss Megan.  I will miss her creativity, her work ethic, and especially all the fun we had filming the Virtual Office Hours every week.

I had coffee with  Megan yesterday afternoon and she gave me an original 1984 Springsteen Born in the USA LP as a going away present.  Wow! What a gift!  I told her that I would use it as a backdrop for future Virtual Office Hours so that viewers will always remember the influential role she has played in getting the VOH off the ground.. Move over Founding Fathers Pez dispensers, here comes the Boss.

Thanks, Megan!

If you have enjoyed the Virtual Office Hours or the Author’s Corner over the last two years I encourage you to head to the comments section below and bid Megan a warm farewell!