Morning Headlines

The New York Times: Sri Lanka Bombings Live Updates: Terrorist Group Is Identified, and Death Toll Rises”

The Washington Post: “Islamist militants blamed for Sri Lanka bombings that killed at least 290”

The Wall Street Journal: “Sri Lanka Points to Islamist Militants in Easter Bombing Attacks”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Pa.’s population is flattening after two decades of growth, but Philly/Harrisburg corridor continues to grow”

BBC: “Sri Lanka attacks: ‘International network’ linked to bombings”

CNN: “Sri Lanka attack death toll rises to 290”

FOX: “Sri Lanka on edge after local Islamic militant group blamed for Easter Sunday attacks: report”


Morning Headlines

The New York Times: Sri Lanka Bombings at Churches and Hotels Said to Kill Almost 200″

The Washington Post: “Coordinated explosions kill at least 137 people in 3 churches and 2 hotels in Sri Lanka”

The Wall Street Journal: More Than 100 Killed as Series of Blasts Devastates Sri Lanka”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Two tornadoes with winds stronger than 100 mph touched down in central Pa.”

BBC: “Sri Lanka explosions: 137 killed as churches and hotels targeted”

CNN: “Sri Lanka blasts: At least 138 dead and more than 560 injured in multiple church and hotel explosions”

FOX: “Blasts rock 3 churches, 3 hotels in Sri Lanka; multiple fatalities reported”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “A Darker Portrait Emerges of Trump’s Attacks on the Justice Department”

The Washington Post: Investigate Trump or impeach? Democrats split over endgame.”

The Wall Street Journal: “Trump Lashes Out as Mueller Report Reverberates Around Washington”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “McDonald’s is ditching it’s fancy burgers and chicken sandwiches”

BBC: “Lyra McKee: Two teenage men arrested in connection with journalist’s killing”

CNN: “Two teenagers arrested in the killing of journalist Lyra McKee”

FOX: “Huckabee lashes out at Trump critic Romney: ‘Makes me sick’ you could have been POTUS”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “A Portrait of the White House and Its Culture of Dishonesty”

The Washington Post: “Mueller lays out evidence against Trump on obstruction, Russia”

The Wall Street Journal: “‘Putin Has Won’: Mueller Report Details the Ways Russia Interfered in the 2016 Election”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Rainy holiday weekend in store for central Pa.”

BBC: “Mueller report: Democrats promise to probe Trump ‘obstruction'”

CNN: “Mueller report leaves America at a crossroads over Trump”

FOX: “Trump’s written–at times snarky–answers to Mueller’s questions revealed”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “The Mueller Report: What to Watch For Today”

The Washington Post: “Mueller report will be lightly redacted, offering detailed look into Trump’s actions”

The Wall Street Journal: “Barr to Hold Briefing on Mueller Report”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Harrisburg School Board votes down resolution to comply with state auditors”

BBC: “North Korea test fires new tactical guided weapon-state media”

CNN: “Attorney General Barr to release redacted Mueller report”

FOX: “In Mueller report’s release, Trump looks for vindication, but new fights loom” 

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “In Aftermath of Notre-Dame Fire, Macron Urges Unity in Fragmented Nation”

The Washington Post: “Trump vetoes resolution to end U.S. participation in Yemen’s civil war”

The Wall Street Journal: “Pinterest and Zoom to Test IPO Market After Lyft’s Stumble”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Camp Hill planning officials recommend another delay in Chick-fil-A development process”

BBC: “Notre-Dame fire: Macron says new cathedral will be ‘more beautiful'”

CNN: “Corruption in Venezuela has created a cocaine superhighway to the US”

FOX: “State’s Attorney Kim Fox calls Jussie Smollett ‘washed up actor who lied to cops’ in text message: report”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “A France in Turmoil Weeps for a Symbol of Paris’s Enduring Identity”

The Washington Post: “Donations pledged as crews assess damage to Notre Dame”

The Wall Street Journal: “Notre Dame Blaze Extinguished; Officials Assess Damage”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Confusion over vote might lead to another attempt to hire James Ellison as Harrisburg schools solicitor”

BBC: “Notre-Dame fire: Millions pledged to rebuild cathedral”

CNN: “Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral”

FOX: “Notre Dame Cathedral: Salma Hayek’s French billionaire husband pledges more than $100M for rebuild”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Trump Sees an Obstacle to Getting His Way on Immigration: His Own Officials”

The Washington Post: “Democrats take aim at Stephen Miller over his role in immigration policy”

The Wall Street Journal: “Trump’s Fed Attacks Cast a Chill at Global Finance Gathering”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Harrisburg School District considers rehiring controversial attorney as solicitor”

BBC: “Sudan crisis: Protest leaders demand end of ‘deep state'”

CNN: “White House snubs to Congress leaves Republicans as well as Democrats aghast”

FOX: “Pelosi plays down influence of AOC wing of Democrats, says it’s ‘like 5 people'”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for Police”

The Washington Post: “Venezuela’s military, despite U.S. expectations, has not turned on Maduro”

The Wall Street Journal: “Washington Waits in Suspense for Mueller Report”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “The Penn State postgame show: Bob Flounders, David Jones discuss the Blue-White game”

BBC: “Ilhan Omar: The 9/11 row embroiling the U.S. congresswoman”

CNN: “BTS performed on ‘SNL’ and fans went crazy”

FOX: “Trump and Oakland mayor trade Twitter barbs over immigration policies”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “As Ecuador Harbored Assange, It Was Subjected to Threats and Leaks”

The Washington Post: “Trump’s plan to send detainees to ‘sanctuary cities’ may be costly, illegal”

The Wall Street Journal: “Trump Revives Idea on ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Amid Stepped Up Immigration Push”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Pennsylvania plans to begin testing drinking water for PFAS toxins”

BBC: “Sudan coup: Protesters demand immediate move to civilian rule”

CNN: “There are now as many Americans who claim no religion as there are evangelicals and Catholics, a survey finds”

FOX: “Ex-Clinton official leads ‘dark money’ effort to boot Kavanaugh from teaching gig”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Julian Assange Arrested in London as U.S. Unseals Hacking Conspiracy Indictment”

The Washington Post: “White House wanted detainees released to ‘sanctuary cities’ to target Trump’s foes”

The Wall Street Journal: “WikiLeaks Founder Arrested, Charged with Computer-Hacking Conspiracy”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Remains of 3 Marines killed in Afghanistan returned to U.S”

BBC: “Sudan coup: Protesters defy curfew after military ousts Bashir”

CNN: “Olivia Jade is ‘devastated’ by college cheating scandal”

FOX: “AOC faces backlash for telling war vet Crenshaw he should ‘go do something’ about domestic terror”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “After Tight Race, Netanyahu Appears Poised to Form Israel’s Next Government”

The Washington Post: “Inside the White House’s growing panic to contain the border crisis”

The Wall Street Journal: “Benjamin Netanyahu Appears Set to Lead Israel in Historic Fifth Term”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Returning to stickers for Pa. car registrations: ‘A public safety issue’ or an annoying backtrack?”

BBC: “Israel election: Netanyahu set for record fifth term”

CNN: “Farce and loathing in Donald Trump’s Washington”

FOX: “Creenshaw calls out Omar for describing 9/11 attacks as ‘some people did something'”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Trump Says the U.S. Is ‘Full.’ Much of the Nation Has the Opposite Problem” 

The Washington Post: “Trump removes Secret Service director in widening purge of DHS leaders”

The Wall Street Journal: “‘Dirty Game’: Carlos Ghosn, in Pre-Arrest Video, Assails Nissan Executives”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Armed robberies leave residents, business shaken: ‘Harrisburg never used to be like this'”

BBC: “Hong Kong ‘Umbrella’ protesters found guilty of public nuisance”

CNN: “The law or the President: The Trump appointees’ dilemma”

FOX: “Nunes files $150M lawsuit against McClatchy, alleging conspiracy to derail Clinton, Russia probes”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Kirstjen Nielsen Resigns as Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary”

The Washington Post: “Kirstjen Nielsen quits as homeland security secretary after meeting with Trump”

The Wall Street Journal: “Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Resigns”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “$21,000 in Victoria’s Secret merchandise stolen from Capital City Mall: police”

BBC: “Sudan protest: Clashes among armed forces at Khartoum sit-in”

CNN: “Nielsen ouster lays bare Trump’s own immigration crisis”

FOX: “Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan: Trump made the right move picking McAleenan for DHS”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “In a Kenyan District, Cheap Antibiotics Fuel Deadly Drug-Resistant Infections”

The Washington Post: “Without a well-defined border strategy, Trump seeks quick-fix solutions”

The Wall Street Journal: “Corporate Profit Squeeze Looms, Threatening Stocks’ Climb”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “‘Retail apocalypse’ continues: Gap, Family Dollar, thousands of other stores will close this year”

BBC: “Rwanda genocide: Nation marks 25 years since mass slaughter”

CNN: “A college student’s death spurs a city toward requiring ‘identifying signage’ for rideshare vehicles”

FOX: “Ocasio-Cortez responds to Trump over ‘bartender’ comment; lashes out at Amazon”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy”

The Washington Post: “In a diverse field, black voters ponder the best odds against Trump”

The Wall Street Journal: “Boeing to Cut 737 MAX Production”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Penn State’s Micah Parsons is eager to take the next step at Linebacker U after a true standout freshman season”

BBC: “Iran floods: Fresh evacuations with more rain forecast”

CNN: “Jennifer Hart drove her six children to their deaths as her wife looked up how much they would suffer, a jury says”

FOX: “Trump declares ‘country is full’ in Fox News interview, says US can no longer accept illegal immigrants”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: Ethiopian Crash Report Indicates Pilots Followed Boeing’s Emergency Procedures”

The Washington Post: “Potentially damaging information in Mueller report starts political fight”

The Wall Street Journal: “Trump Picks Herman Cain for Fed Seat”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Yuengling family and Phillies pitcher Aaron Nola kick off brewery’s 190th anniversary”

BBC: “Brexit: UK asks EU for further extension until 30 June”

CNN: “Why would someone claim to be a missing child?”

FOX: “Trump reacts to Barbara Bush criticism: ‘Look what I did to her sons'”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Some on Mueller’s Team Say Report Was More Damaging Than Barr Revealed”

The Washington Post: “Ethiopia says pilots followed Boeing procedures, but couldn’t control jet before deadly crash”

The Wall Street Journal: “Carlos Ghosn Is Arrested Again on Fresh Suspicions”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Star Barn venue bars gay weddings over owner’s religious beliefs”

BBC: “Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 pilots ‘could not stop nosedive'”

CNN: “Ethiopian Airlines pilots ‘followed expected procedures before crash'”

FOX: “Three more women accuse Biden of inappropriate contact, say his video wasn’t enough”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “Trump Retreats on Health Care After McConnell Warns It Won’t Happen”

The Washington Post: “Trump leaves Washington reeling as he struggles with domestic agenda”

The Wall Street Journal: “Ethiopian Airlines Pilot Initially Followed Boeing’s Required Emergency Steps to Disable 737 MAX System”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “What can you expect out of April in Harrisburg? A little bit of everything”

BBC: “Brunei implements stoning to death under new anti-LGBT laws”

CNN: “Ethiopian Airlines pilots followed Boeing’s emergency crash procedures before crash: report”

FOX: “Strzok-Page affiar made them vulnerable to foreign intelligence, a top FBI official told Congress”

Morning Headlines

The New York Times: “For Many British Businesses, Brexit Has Already Happened”

The Washington Post: “Khashoggi children receive payments, houses from Saudi Arabia after killing”

The Wall Street Journal: “Between Two Deadly Crashes, Boeing Moved Haltingly to Make 737 MAX Fixes”

Harrisburg-Patriot News: “Pa. cities with the most homeowners ‘under water’ on their mortgages in 2019”

BBC: “Brexit: No deal more likely but can be avoided-Barnier”

CNN: “Trump seems inclined to close border despite potential chaos”

FOX: “Dems playing politics with disaster relief funds for Midwest, Republicans say”