Peter Lawler, RIP

One of the country’s great conservative thinkers passed away on Tuesday. I never met Peter Lawler, but I occasionally read his work.  He once referred to me as a “routinely excellent conservative blogger.”  While some might question my conservative credentials (or my liberal ones for that matter), I appreciated the “routinely excellent” part of his … Continue reading Peter Lawler, RIP

How to Advertise a Liberal Arts College

Peter Lawler, Professor of Government at Berry College, has some thoughts on this issue at Big Think.  He is reacting to a recent piece in Inside Higher Ed entitled “Disappearing Liberal Arts Colleges.”   Lawler writes: The article correctly concludes that those in charge of the so-called and the real liberal arts colleges ought to think harder … Continue reading How to Advertise a Liberal Arts College

Does Walmart Make Small-Town America Stupider?

Peter Lawler, in his Big Think column called “Rightly Understood,” asks if Walmart is really “change we should believe in?” Here are his conclusions: 1.  It is good news that Walmart “has become a catalyst for change on the environmental front.” 2.  He asks if human beings live better lives as “social beings” after Walmart … Continue reading Does Walmart Make Small-Town America Stupider?

American Aristocrats: Indians and Southerners

Peter Lawler has a very thoughtful and provocative piece about Alexis de Tocqueville’s argument that the true aristocrats in antebellum America were southern slaveholders and Indians. Here is a taste: The last chapter of volume 1 of Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville is about the then-present and probable future of the three races … Continue reading American Aristocrats: Indians and Southerners

What’s the Difference Between a Front Porch Conservative and a Tea Party Conservative

If you are a conservative, are you a Tea Party conservative or a Front Porch conservative? Peter Lawler explains the difference: The Tea Partiers are especially attached to the forms and formalities of the Constitution, and they hold that democracy is limited by the liberty given to people by God. They’re also, like the Porchers, … Continue reading What’s the Difference Between a Front Porch Conservative and a Tea Party Conservative

Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this past week: Good bibliography on history education Nathan Schneider on the “memory theater” that the bookshelf provides. Peter Lawler defends the Puritans. Michael Kazin: Obama needs stronger unions. A very brief history of the beard. Michael Sean Winters on Archbishop Timothy Dolan. National Humanities Advocacy Day. … Continue reading Sunday Night Odds and Ends

What the Founders Didn’t Teach Us

Over at The Family in America: A Journal of Public Policy, Berry College political philosopher Peter Lawler reviews Matthew Spalding’s We Still Hold These Truth: Rediscovering Our Principles, Reclaiming Our Future.  It is a long review.  It is a great review.  While Spalding notes that the American founding was influenced by a combination of Lockean … Continue reading What the Founders Didn’t Teach Us