Theologian Kelly Kapic helps evangelicals process the Ravi Zacharias scandal

Many of you are familiar with evangelical apologist Ravi Zacharias’s posthumous fall from grace. Over at Christianity Today‘s “Quick to Listen” podcast, Covenant College theologian Kelly Kapic talks with Morgan Lee about Zacharias. Here is a taste of the transcript:

How do we change our reaction to these stories so we don’t make it just about personal piety? How should this prompt us to act on behalf of victims of sin?

Kelly Kapic: For example, whenever someone says to me, “Boys will be boys,” I’m almost positive I’m going to be offended by the very next thing that comes out of their mouth because I know it’s going to be code for “Let’s overlook this sin. Let’s overlook this behavior. Don’t worry. They’re just boys.”

Yes, we all are sinners. But that sober realization should not be a way to undermine accountability and the sobriety of what happens.

It’s like the Larry Nassar case. I remember watching this documentary on it and one of the journalists said at one point, he started to feel pity for Nasser. Then all of a sudden you realize What about all the victims?

What can happen in these cases is you see or hear from this significant figure and you feel pity, but you often don’t see or know the voices of the victims. They get lost We need to not only diversify our ends. We need to know these stories. We need to know people who can tell us about these things, who have gone through these experiences because otherwise, they’re just so abstract. We reduce it to an abstract doctrine rather than real life. To understand the theology, you have to have the experiential side.

Read the entire interview here.