The GOP will not discipline Marjorie Taylor Greene

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy condemned Greene’s past comments, but will not remove her from her committee assignments, including her position on the education committee.

Just a reminder:

  • Greene believed the Pizzagate conspiracy theory (which linked Hillary Clinton to a pedophilia ring in the basement of a Washington D.C.)
  • Greene claimed Hillary Clinton kept a “kill list” and murdered her political enemies.
  • Greene claimed Hillary Clinton murdered a child in a satanic ritual.
  • Greene listens to QAnon, going as far to say that the election of Donald Trump was “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out, and I think we have the president to do it.”
  • Greene believes that the 2017 Charlottesville white nationalist rally was an “inside job.”
  • Greene said Nancy Pelosi was guilty of treason and should be executed.
  • Greene believes that the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL was a “false flag.”
  • Greene is on video harassing Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg and referred to him as a #littleHitler.”
  • Greene believes that the Christchurch New Zealand mosque shootings were “false flag.”
  • Greene believes that the shooting at the Sandy Hook elementary school was a “false flag”
  • Greene does not believe that a plane hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.
  • Greene believes the U.S. government was behind the events of 9-11-01
  • Greene believes Barack Obama ordered the MS-13 street gang to murder Seth Rich
  • Greene believes Barack Obama is a Muslim.
  • Greene claimed that Ruth Bader Ginsburg used a body double during public appearances because she was really dead.
  • Greene claimed that a deadly fire in California was caused by “space solar generators” somehow connected to an “international cabal of Jewish bankers.”

In January 2019, McCarthy removed Steve King from his committee assignments after the Iowa congressman said this: “White nationalists, white supremacist, Western Civilization–how did that language become offensive?” Greene makes Steve King look like a social justice warrior.

Meanwhile, the GOP leadership is trying to strip Liz Cheney of her leadership position. Chaney, however, will not apologize for voting to impeach Donald Trump. In what world does Liz Cheney get dragged through the mud and Marjorie Greene gets a pass?

It does look like the House Democrats will do what the House GOP will not.

Here is McCarthy’s formal statement on Greene:

“Past comments from and endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Greene on school shootings, political violence, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories do not represent the values or beliefs of the House Republican Conference. I condemn those comments unequivocally. I condemned them in the past. I continue to condemn them today. This House condemned QAnon last Congress and continues to do so today.

“I made this clear to Marjorie when we met. I also made clear that as a member of Congress we have a responsibility to hold ourselves to a higher standard than how she presented herself as a private citizen. Her past comments now have much greater meaning. Marjorie recognized this in our conversation. I hold her to her word, as well as her actions going forward. 

“I understand that Marjorie’s comments have caused deep wounds to many and as a result, I offered Majority Leader Hoyer a path to lower the temperature and address these concerns. Instead of coming together to do that, the Democrats are choosing to raise the temperature by taking the unprecedented step to further their partisan power grab regarding the committee assignments of the other party.  

“While Democrats pursue a resolution on Congresswoman Greene, they continue to do nothing about Democrats serving on the Foreign Affairs Committee who have spread anti-Semitic tropes, Democrats on the House Intelligence and Homeland Security Committee compromised by Chinese spies, or the Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee who advocated for violence against public servants.

“In the end, this resolution continues to distract Congress, especially given the limited time that Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat leadership want the House to debate and work, on what it needs to focus on: getting Americans back to work, getting kids back to school, and providing vaccines to all Americans who need it.”