Yes, Teddy Roosevelt had a bear named Jonathan Edwards

On Sunday, Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi gave us an update on the presidential dogs Champ and Major:

I love this piece by Matthew Dessem at Slate. He ranks all the presidential pets. I won’t tell you which pet comes in at #1, but here are some my favorites:

  • Donald Trump’s “metaphorical dogs”
  • Benjamin Harrison’s pet possums “Mr. Protection” and “Mr. Reciprocity”
  • “Dick,” Thomas Jefferson’s mockingbird
  • “Pauline Wayne,” William Howard Taft’s cow
  • James Garfield’s dog “Veto”
  • Richard Nixon’s dog “King Timahoe”
  • Teddy Roosevelt’s bear “Jonathan Edwards”
  • “Fido,” Abraham Lincoln’s dog
  • “Old Ike,” Woodrow Wilson’s ram

Read the entire piece here.