Putting the January 6, 2021 insurrection in historical context

Catherine Halley of JSTOR Daily offers some great resources. Here is a taste of her January 7 piece:

Yesterday our friends who teach sixth grade were asking: how do I talk to my students about the insurrection that just happened at the U.S. Capitol? Today on Twitter, I saw an editor from Black Perspectives urging historians of the Reconstruction to put yesterday’s events in historical perspective. Are there lessons from history? How did we get here? What was that; what language should we use to talk about it? We’re working on acquiring new content to address these questions, but in the meantime, this previously published content puts a lot of what we saw yesterday in perspective and may help foster dialogue among students of the world. As always, the stories here and the underlying scholarship are free to all readers. We’ll be updating this syllabus and welcome suggestions.

Halley’s bibliography includes scholarly essays on the voter fraud, White House transitions, the caning of Charles Sumner (1856), the election of 1800, the Confederate flag, the Confederate lost cause, the election of Abraham Lincoln, gerrymandering, terrorism, truth, impeachment, and Trumpism.

Read them all here.