Will Donald Trump have a presidential library?

What would one put in the Donald Trump presidential library? He has apparently tried to destroy many of his presidential papers. He is not much a reader, but perhaps the library might be filled Trump classics like The Art of the Deal, How to Get Rich, Think Big, The Art of the Comeback, Time to Get Tough, Think Like a Billionaire, Surviving at the Top, Think Like a Champion, and Midas Touch. Maybe the library will run episodes of “The Apprentice” on a loop. I am sure such a library would include statues of Trump fully equipped with kneelers for his most devoted fans.

Over at Politico, Anthony Clark, a former House Oversight Committee staffer, thinks that Trump will not build a presidential library. Here is a taste of his piece “Will There Be a Trump Presidential Library? Don’t Count On It“:

The first and most important reason not to expect a Trump Library is that it’s expensive to build one. The government might pay for lifetime Secret Service protection, but it doesn’t front the money for a library: No federal funds may be used to build or equip a presidential library, and no federal property may be used. To get the ball rolling, former presidents must create a nonprofit to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. While they may do so in unlimited sums, with almost no disclosure, from any source, anywhere in the world, it’s a lot easier to do it while in office.

Read the entire piece here.