White evangelicals are most concerned about abortion, fair presidential elections, and terrorism

Check out Jeff Brumley’s Baptist News Global story based on an interview with religious pollster Robert Jones. Jones points out that COVD-19 is not a “critical issue” for white evangelicalism. A taste:

What stands out, Jones said, is the degree to which white evangelicals remain increasingly apart from most other religious Americans in most categories.

The disparity is evident in the study’s presentation of Americans’ key topics by religious affiliation. In it, eight of the nine groups included identify the pandemic as a top-three critical issue. Six of them, including 79% of African Americans and 72% of Hispanic Catholics, put it at the top of concerns they deem critical.

The distance between white evangelicals and other people of faith found in the survey is in keeping with the findings of previous studies on American religion, Jones said.

“The exceptionalism we see among white evangelicals is consistent, and we have seen this become more entrenched during the Trump era,” he said. “It’s evangelical Protestants against everyone else on the coronavirus.”

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