Theologian N.T. Wright appears in the new Amazon movie, “Chasing the Rain”

Wright didn’t make the trailer (at least I didn’t see him in it), but he did issue this release to his NT Wright Online e-mail list:

“I agreed to appear in the upcoming film CHASING THE RAIN for a number of reasons. It is a powerful and deeply moving exploration of the way our efforts to relieve suffering in the world often end up exposing the shadows inside ourselves. Matt Lanter’s stunning performance steers this movie into human heights and depths seldom visited, laying bare the messy interconnections between global and personal suffering. This film raises vital questions and refuses to give the easy answers we might expect. An important work for our challenging time. It is available to stream Friday, December 18, on Amazon.” –Professor Wright

Greg Boyd, Efrem Smith, and Shane Claiborne also appear in the movie:

UPDATE: December 20, 2020 at 12:39AM: Just finished watching the movie. N.T. Wright plays a director of a non-profit organization that brings clean water to African communities. His character wears an earing. Boyd, Smith, and Claiborne play homeless men. I enjoyed the movie, but it is one of those films that you need time to process. Right now the online commentary on the movie is very thin.