Trump has raised $150 million on voter fraud claims

Imagine all the ways this money could be spent to benefit American communities and other important ventures. Trump is not only trying to undermine democracy, but he is raising money on his attempt to undermine democracy. This is pretty disgusting. Some of you may recall some of the e-mails the Trump campaign is sending to followers and others (like me) on his mailing list. Just today I received fundraising e-mails from Trump, Mike Lindell (the “My Pillow Guy”), Lara Trump, and Newt Gingrich.

Here is Josh Dawsey and Michelle Ye Hee Lee at The Washington Post:

President Trump’s political operation has raised more than $150 million since Election Day, using a blizzard of misleading appeals about the election to shatter fundraising records set during the campaign, according to people with knowledge of the contributions.

The influx of political donations is one reason Trump and some allies are inclined to continue a legal onslaught and public affairs blitz focused on baseless claims of election fraud, even as their attempts have repeatedly failed in court and as key states continue to certify wins for President-elect Joe Biden.

Much of the money raised since the election is likely to go into an account for the president to use on political activities after he leaves office, while some of the contributions will go toward what’s left of the legal fight.

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