Marco Rubio prepares for 2024

Today Joe Biden introduced his national security team, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Florida senator Marco Rubio is not happy with Biden’s picks:

Interesting. I’ll take “strong resumes” and “polite & orderly caretakers” any day of the week. Rubio’s appeal to the “decline” of America and “American greatness,” coupled with his disdain for the Ivy League, is his way of throwing a little red meat to Trump followers GOP voters.

As for the reference to “Ivy League schools”:

Donald Trump: University of Pennsylvania undegraduate

Mike Pompeo (Trump’s Secretary of State): Harvard Law

Steve Mnuchin (Trump’s Secretary of the Treasury): Yale undergraduate

Bill Barr (Trump’s Attorney General): Columbia undergraduate

Wilbur Ross (Trump’s Secretary of Commerce): Yale undergraduate; Harvard MBA

Alex Azar (Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services: Dartmouth undergraduate; Yale Law School

Ben Carson (Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development): Yale undergraduate

Elaine Chao (Trump’s Secretary of Transportation): Harvard MBA