Sunday night odds and ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

Fareed Zakaria reviews Obama’s memoir

Return to normalcy?

Cancel culture


Trump’s rhetorical presidency

Jon Butler talks about his new book God in Gotham: The Miracle of Religion in Modern Manhattan

Peale’s Museum

Abram Van Engen reviews Alan Jacobs’s Breaking Bread with the Dead: A Reader’s Guide to a More Tranquil Mind

Black patriotism

Jill Lepore asks: “Will Trump burn the evidence?”

Ta-Nehisi Coates on the 2020 election

What is Parler?

Brad East reviews N.T. Wright, Jesus and the Promise of Natural Theology

Serious intellectual and cultural history

Cosmopolitan evangelicalism?

Grant Wacker searches for a pastoral voice in a time of tragedy

The “greatest generation” versus the “COVID generation”