Most popular posts of the last week

Here are the most popular posts of the last week at The Way of Improvement Leads Home:

  1. Study: White Evangelicals are “cultural others” and the culture wars are getting worse
  2. James Dobson: God “gave America a spiritual reprieve” in the Trump era”
  3. Rudy Giuliani and his team make their case for election fraud. Court evangelical Eric Metaxas live-tweets
  4. Megachurch pastor Andy Stanley says Trump evangelicals have hurt the church’s ability to reach people outside the church
  5. What a Donald Trump concession speech might look like
  6. Some court evangelicals are still on board the sinking ship
  7. Why is Amy Coney Barrett’s Christian faith off limits, but Raphael Warnock’s Christian faith is fair game?
  8. Court evangelical: Kamala Harris has a “Jezebel spirit” and is a satanic “chameleon” secretly working as an Obama surrogate”
  9. What does the Bible say about the Antichrist?
  10. In today’s court evangelical roundup we learn “the Left has always hated Thanksgiving”