Rudy Giuliani and his team make their case for election fraud. Court evangelical Eric Metaxas live tweets.

Here it is, from earlier this afternoon:

The bottom line: Giuliani and his team believe that Democrats in urban areas made a deliberate and pre-meditated effort to try to steal the election from Donald Trump. They have still not presented any evidence, although we did get a “My Cousin Vinny” reference. Oh, and I almost forgot, Hugo Chavez is also involved. This is embarrassing. Here is Chuck Todd on MSNBC. He compares the press conference to a Saturday Night Live skit.

Court evangelical Eric Metaxas blocked me on Twitter years ago, but Alissa Wilkinson, a professor at the Kings College in New York City, took screen-shots of his live-tweeting of this press conference:

Fox News:

When you lose Karl Rove: