Al Mohler on the future of the Southern Baptist Convention

The Trump-supporting president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary wants to be president of the Southern Baptist Convention. He makes his case in an interview with the Baptist Press.

If Mohler becomes president of the Southern Baptist Convention:

  1. He will be a “bridge” between the SBC’s past and future.
  2. He will “fly the flags of conviction very clearly.”
  3. He will make sure younger pastors line-up with the “conservative resurgence” in the denomination, a movement he calls the “World War II of the Southern Baptist Convention’s history.”
  4. He will defend the inerrancy of the Bible.
  5. He will defend a “biblical pattern of sexuality.”
  6. He will try to curb the power of social media by bringing people together face-to-face to discuss pressing issues in the church.
  7. He prevent “liberal drift” in the denomination. (This is not defined).
  8. He will prevent critical race theory from making inroads in Southern Baptist seminaries. (I am not sure what Mohler makes of this video that suggests three of his faculty believe in systemic racism).

Read the entire interview here. I find it interesting that Mohler has nothing to say about this or this.