Are some of the court evangelicals coming around to a Trump loss?

Not really.

Here is the latest from the court evangelicals.

First, let’s acknowledge the death of Bishop Harry Jackson Jr. RIP. I am sure he had a very fruitful ministry and touched many lives with the good news of the Gospel.

As we wrote about this past weekend, Robert Jeffress has admitted defeat. Or has he?

Kenneth Copeland is laughing.

Franklin Graham is looking to the Georgia Senate run-off on January 5, 2012:

After years of pro-Trump rhetoric, including references to his opponents as agents of evil, James Robison wants to find common ground:

Jack Graham seems to suggest he is ready to accept a Biden win:

But he’s still ready for a fight:

Is this a political tweet from Paula White?

Tony Perkins is still on the “election fraud” bandwagon

Biden shouldn’t rely on Gary Bauer to help heal the country:

Ralph Reed says it’s not over:

Jim Garlow is still doing election fraud prayer meetings:

As expected, Charlie Kirk of Liberty University’s Falkirk Center is all-in on the “massive fraud” narrative:

Even Fox News is refusing to air Trump’s claim of voter fraud. Jenna Ellis of the Falkirk Center does not like it.

It looks like the Falkirk Center is confused about the distinctions between fascism and liberalism:

But hey, Liberty football beat Virginia Tech! :-):