This is the best thing I have read on alleged voter fraud

It is from conservative writer David French at his Dispatch newsletter. Here is a taste of his piece “The Presidential Election Was Legitimate. Conspiracies Are Not“:

How should we think of the state of play? Aside from the ordinary (and considerable) sting of a presidential loss, is there any objective reason for this extraordinary amount of hysteria? Is the election, in fact, being stolen?

The short answer is no. There is zero evidence of either fraud or other unlawful irregularity sufficient to cast the emerging result into doubt. That’s not the same thing as saying there has been no fraud. That’s not the same thing as saying there have been no unlawful irregularities. But we still can have confidence in the outcome.

Let’s walk through some of the most viral claims of malfeasance and irregularity. As you’ll see, this newsletter will rely heavily on the extraordinary work of our Dispatch Fact Check team. Without further ado—and in question-and-answer form—let the debunking commence.

French asks and answers several questions:

  1. “Should I be suspicious about the fact that the vote counting is taking so long?
  2. “Should I be suspicious that mail-in ballots are overwhelmingly Democratic?”
  3. “Should I be suspicious of the extraordinary turnout numbers in swing states?”
  4. “But weren’t there a number of highly-suspicious and unusual ‘ballot dumps’ that altered the numbers?”
  5. “Okay, but I’ve heard that Republicans have been barred from observing the count. Is that true?”
  6. “Wait. It looks like there were multiple jurisdictions where down-ballot Republicans received more votes than the president?”

Read the entire piece here.