The Falkirk Center crowd breaks it all down for us.

The spokespersons for Liberty University’s Falkirk Center joined forces today on the Eric Metaxas Radio Show:

In this video, Metaxas interviews a Michigan poll watcher who claims he saw corruption. He talks about Jim Garlow’s prayer meeting for election fraud. Metaxas says, “I have no doubt that Trump will be the next president and voter fraud and corruption will be exposed.” He also criticizes Fox News for calling Arizona for Biden. In the end, Metaxas believes that Trump will win and it will lead to a global religious revival. He said a lot of the same things yesterday.

Then Charlie Kirk of the Falkirk Center came on the show to join the attack on Fox News. Kirk says that the guy running the election coverage at Fox is “not one of us.” Much of this discussion is identical to Trump’s speech today. In case you missed it:

Here is Jenna Ellis confirming that the Democrats are involved in a “universal vote-by-mail scheme”: