Not everyone at the *Pittsburgh Post-Gazette* is endorsing Donald Trump

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Gene Collier does not agree with his editorial board.

Yesterday he made his final pitch:

Some 95 million Americans have already voted, which is about 70% of the total vote from 2016, but what of these remaining hours? Are we in the final hours of an election or the final hours of Democracy?

It’s a feverish electorate, vandalizing political offices, buying guns, buying more guns, heckling journalists and in some cases, coughing potential pathogens at them. Real Americans are doing this to their fellow Americans. It’s almost like some foreign nation state(s) is purposefully polarizing the oldest Democracy on earth to destroy the balance of power established by the sacrifices of great American patriots going back more than a century.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities,” goes the Voltaire quote most worth repeating right now, “can make you commit atrocities.”

Here’s another thing I’ve heard word-for-word in every election since 1960: “There’s never been a clearer choice,” but this time it’s real; this time it’s all too true.

The choice: America or Trumpizhtan.

Please tell me it’s the first one.